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Warning about scam / misuse of our brand and logo

Dear visitor,

Unfortunately, we are victims of a free rider. For a few days now, we have been receiving an increasing number of messages via our contact form that people are getting caught up in a scam via bitsandpassion.org, bitsandpassion.vip, bitsandpassion.xyz, bitsandpassion.cc and bitsandpassion.art.

The fraudsters use our logo, our brand and sometimes even the name of our managing director.

Screenshot of the website bitsandpassion.org, which misuses our logo.
Screenshot of the website bitsandpassion.org, which misuses our logo.

We are an online marketing agency based in Augsburg, Germany. Our agency enjoys an excellent reputation and has been serving clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2016.

We are the owner of the domains bitsandpassion.com and bitsandpassion.de. Our domains were registered in August 2016 and have been operated by us ever since.

Free riders / Not our domains

We are currently aware of the following domains that are allegedly ripping people off:

All other domains with other top level domains (.org, .vip, .xyz, .cc and .art) do NOT belong to us.

The scam domains were only recently registered in the period from February 17, 2024 to March 15, 2024.

We do not know whether the domain bitsandpassion.art is also a scam. So far, we have only received messages with the four domain extensions mentioned.

The bitsandpassion.art domain is structured differently. It does not currently use our logo, only our second level domain (bitsandpassion). However, it was registered in the same period (March 08, 2024) and has a very similar structure to the scam domains apart from the logo and color.

Suspicious telephone numbers

We are aware of the following WhatsApp phone numbers that may be involved in the scam:

We know the following usernames on Telegram:

We are in contact with the local authorities (police cybercrime department) and are also in contact with the hosters/domain registrars.

If you have become a victim of one of the above-mentioned sites (or a variant unknown to us), please contact the local authorities, block and report the contact via WhatsApp or Telegram.